From the Word 

“I AM I AM the resurrection and the life.  Whoever believes in Me, though He die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in Me shall never die.”  John 11:25-26 

    We live in a time where theory is held in high esteem.  Darwin’s theory of evolution (as it has come to evolve) is passed off as scientific truth without having passed any of the tests that establish scientific truth.  Theory is passed off as truth in the areas of economics, psychology, sociology, and nearly all other social sciences. 
    In the context of such theoretical teaching, it shouldn’t surprise us that there are so called Christian theologians who maintain that it is not necessary that we believe in actual resurrection, as long as our hearts and spirits are raised.  In such Christian settings worship becomes a pep rally to make us feel good, void of substance and any real comfort.  Hope is replaced by positive thinking and self-esteem.  Feeling good about ourselves is considered on par with the confidence of eternal life in heaven.
    WHAT UTTER NONSENSE!!!  The sisters of Lazarus, Martha and Mary, were not experiencing theoretical grief.  Their brother actually died and they were experiencing real grief because they missed the one they dearly loved.  Jesus answer in this text was not to raise their spirits, but to raise their brother.  In so doing He demonstrates His power over death, which He magnifies in His own resurrection.
    We don’t live in theory, we live in reality.  That reality includes the imperfections caused by sin in the world.  Those problems are not theoretical, they are real.  The guilt and shame are real.  The strained relationships are real.  Sickness is real.  Death is real.
    Through “the Resurrection and the Life,” forgiveness is real.  That forgiveness removes what separates us from God, and we use it to be reunited in our personal relationships.  God’s grace is greater than our problems, our guilt, and our shame.  Through the resurrection of Jesus, we are assured of eternal life, body and soul, in the heaven prepared for us by Jesus.  Our worship is an interaction with the present, risen Savior.  Our readings and hymns point us to the reality of Jesus, crucified and risen.  Hope is confidence in the promises of God that assure us as we walk by faith on this earth, and is the confidence of eternity with God in heaven.  THAT’S NO THEORY!!!