From the Word

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2:11 

  We have arrived at the last month of the strangest year in most of our lives.  Little, if anything, has been normal this year.  It is already certain that Christmas won’t be normal either.  And yet, God intervenes in the normal, and the unusual, to make them wondrous.
  Shepherds were grazing their sheep at night.  That was normal at some times of the year, unusual at others.  Whichever it was in this case, God made it wondrous when the angel appeared and told them, “unto you is born a Savior.”
  Our children will not prepare for many of the things they normally do in December.  We will try to make this as special a Christmas as we can.  But there will be no school parties, no caroling to nursing homes or assisted living facilities.  Family celebrations may or may not take place, depending on how much contact they had leading up to this time.  But the most important gift, the most special event will be the same; “unto you is born a Savior.”
  Non-Christians will be robbed of the office parties and obsessive shopping that characterize Christmas.  They won’t feel the so-called “spirit of Christmas” that gives them a better feeling as they face the rest of the winter.  The hopelessness that so many feel each December will no doubt be worse this year.  Not just for this year, but for their earthly and eternal welfare they need us to be their angels/messengers; “unto you is born a Savior.”
  He will be in our decorations.  He will be in our hymns.  He will be in our traditions.  We may not get all of these, but He will still be in them.  Christmas Eve, we will be more spread out.  We will have our temperature taken as we enter.  But the message will be there for us to celebrate.  That celebration will continue Christmas morning, and I pray one difference this year will be a nice crowd for the feast of the nativity.  With all the changes and possible disappointments, God will not disappoint.  Amid all the changes, our assurance, confidence, joy and peace will not change.  They are found in God’s message, “unto you is born a Savior.”