From the Word 

“The sower sows the Word.”  Mark 4:14 

  What does the Bible say about our upcoming Fall Festival?  Nothing.  The Bible does not talk about having games for kids to play.  It does not say anything about magic shows, or walking through the woods getting candy.  It does not address what crafts we should have, nor what kind of food we should serve.
  The Bible does speak of harvest.  It refers to the harvesting of crops that God supplies from the earth.  It also refers to the harvest of people through the proclamation of the Gospel. 
  As we approach our community event, our thoughts are not so much of harvest, but of sowing.  What we plan to do, in our Harvest Festival, is sow the seed of the Gospel.  There will be many small ways in which we share Jesus with those who attend.  We will also seek to establish relationships with the families who come, in the hope that we will have more opportunities to share Christ with them.  The first few times we share Christ with people, the seed of the Gospel may not find good soil in them.  But we don’t give up.  We try again and again because they are worth it.  We have the good news that makes people alive forever in God’s kingdom.  We get to bring the message of forgiveness and grace into the lives of people who need that message to live.  We will use the Fall Festival to share Jesus with those who come.  We will look for ways to follow up by sharing Him again.  We will persist in love for those who hear, that the Spirit may grant them faith in the promises we hold so dear.  It seems a simple thing, to spend time providing families with a fun day that includes sharing Christ.  It is through such small things that most people come to faith.  So October 23 from 4-7, at a time of harvest, we will sow seeds.