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Wednesday, 28 June 2017 06:30

Gospel and the Christian Family Lesson 3

The Gospel and the Christian Family


How would you define a date?

What Happens on a date?

How does what happens on your dates reflect your faith (or is that not a consideration)?

How would the following reflect the relationship Christ has with us?

He comes to pick her up and comes to the door for her

He extends his arm to support and help her and she takes it in thanks

He opens the car door and all other doors and she shows her appreciation as she goes through

He pays for the date and she responds with thanks

He shows her honor and respect by not tempting her in any way and she responds in respect by not tempting him

He escorts her home and sees her safely to the door, she responds in thanks

How can we make dating a higher calling?

How is this perspective different from society’s expectations of a date?

How is it similar?

As a male, what do you think about this serving role?

As a female, what do you think about this receiving and grateful role?



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