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Wednesday, 28 June 2017 06:28

The Gospel and the Christian Family Lesson 4

The Gospel and the Christian Family

Preparing For Marriage


Ancient Practices
* Arranged betrothal by the groom’s family and the father of the bride
* The groom pays a bride’s price at the moment of betrothal
* A certificate of divorce was required to terminate the betrothall.

What are modern engagement practices by comparison?

What do you like or dislike about both?

What practices, if any, reflect the biblical teaching?

Wedding Preparations (Modern and Ancient)
Ancient Practices

* The groom builds the bridal chamber onto his father’s house.  There is no set date for the wedding.  The wedding will be when the groom has made the room ready.

*The bride assembles her dowry (those things she will bring with her from her father’s house).  As she sees the bridal chamber nearing completion, she gathers her female attendants each Tuesday afternoon (weddings were on Wednesday).  They stand in readiness, lest this be the day.

* When the groom is ready, he sends out the best man to announce at sundown to prepare for the coming of the bridegroom.  At any time after that the groom may come and abduct her from her father’s house and take her to his home where they will be married under the stars.

What are modern preparations like by comparison?

What do you like or dislike about both?

What practices, if any, reflect the biblical teaching?

Discussing Values
You will be attracted to, and marry, someone different from you.  As discussed earlier, these differences are God given and should be seen as blessings from God. The vital things you ought to share with your future spouse are your values?

What are Christian/Biblical values that you need to agree on for marriage?

How do these values shape the other things you value?

What things do you want your spouse to value that are not in the Bible?

Discussing Practical Concerns
In order to prepare for marriage there are stewardship concerns that must be discussed.  Agreement on practical concerns will contribute to a peaceful marriage.  Some such concerns are....

Living within your means, not going into large and unnecessary debt




Are contraceptives going to be used?  If so, what kind?  What kinds prevent conception and what kinds destroy life after conception?

What sacrifices (time, financial) will this mean?  How does this fit into how budgets and lifestyles work before children?

How many children and how far apart in age?  What adjustments will be made if God grants children contrary to the plans?

What adjustments will be made if infertility is an issue? Which kinds of infertility treatments promote conception and which kinds destroy life in the process?

Would you ever consider adoption as parents?





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