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Wednesday, 28 June 2017 06:29

Genesis 3 Notes

Genesis 3



*The last study referred to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil as Adam and
Eve's place of worship.  Sin is the antithesis of worship.
*Satan tempts Eve to sin against the Word of God.  In the Small Catechism, Luther refers to sin against the 3rd Commandment by using the words "that we may not despise preaching and His Word."  By disobeying God, they despised His Word.  They made themselves gods by wanting to decide their own future apart from the Word and promises of God.
*Satan is a liar.  He tries to use the Word of God or our nature to get us to believe a lie or doubt the Word.  He used this method in the Garden and continues it today.
*Eve did not give clear answers that confessed her belief of God's word.  Satan sees the uncertainty and pounces.  He takes the opportunity she gives him.  He does the same with us.
*Sin separates us from God, makes us His enemies, and causes us to see Him as the source of our woes.  Sin dements and degrades the mind and soul of man, leaving it without even a shadow of what was present in Paradise.
*Harry Truman was famous for the sign on his desk which read, "The Buck Stops Here."  Adam and Eve are famous for, in essence, saying, "The buck stops over there."  Our first parents set an all too familiar trend when they tried to place responsibility for their sin on someone else.
*We hear about the punishment fitting the crime.  The punishments in this chapter are fascinating in that context.
*The first gospel promise is found in this chapter.  Find it.

Discussion Questions

 1.  What was the object of worship for Adam and Eve?  What role did the tree play in their worship?  What is our object of worship?  What are our modern "trees"?  What role does the church building play in our worship?

2.  How did Adam and Eve sin against God?  Make a list of 5 ways in which you might break the 3rd Commandment?  Why do we connect going to church with the 3rd Commandment?  What is your present attitude about the Word of God?  How is that attitude put into practice?  What should our attitude and practice be and why?

3.  Describe Satan's approach to temptation in your own words.  How did he use it elsewhere in scripture?  How does he use it today in our lives and the life of the church.  What can we use to combat it?  What was the effect of false doctrine in the Garden?  What should our attitude be about false doctrine now?  How did Satan respond to Eve's shaky confession?  How does he do the same to us?  What is our weapon of defense?  Why is doctrine and confession of faith important to the church?

4.  What effect has sin had on the world?  What effect has sin had on people?  If God left us in sin, what would He have left us to?

5.  Do you try to pass the buck when you sin?  Who do you pass it to?  Do you ever directly or indirectly blame God for your sins?  How?  Is God, in any way, responsible for sin?

6.  What was Satan's punishment and how did it fit?  What was Eve's punishment and how did it fit?  What was Adam's punishment and how did it fit?  How is God's Word to them a response to what they said?  What has all this to do with us?

7.  What promise is given and how is it accomplished?  What has that promise to do with us?  Why were they expelled from Eden?  What does all of this have to say about our relationship to God? 













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