Our Worship – Lesson 1 – Introduction

What is Christian Worship?

Christian worship is an interaction between God and His people.  Christians believe that God is not far off, but present with us.  Jesus said in Matthew 28:20, “I am with you all the days even to the end of the age.”  Since God is present we interact with Him in the reception of the blessings found in His Word and His Sacraments.  Having received them, we respond with prayer, praise, and confession of our faith.

Why do we worship as we do?

We worship as we do because God is present with us.  We talk to Him because He’s there, not about Him as if He were somewhere else.  The pastor leads worship facing the altar when he and the congregation are speaking to God, and facing the congregation when he is speaking on God’s behalf. 

What does the Bible say about worship?

This space is insufficient to give an exhaustive presentationregarding the Biblical teaching on worship.  Worship is a vital aspect of every book of the Bible.  The Psalms are most helpful in showing the form and substance of worship.  For some examples see Psalm 29, 98, 100, 119, 139, 150.


Explain the various ways we interact (talking, writing notes or letters, phone or other media, etc.).  Then explain that worship is our interaction with God.  He comes with His blessings and we respond with prayer, praise and confession of faith.  The following hymns from LSB may help: 901, 902, 904, 905, 907.

Object Lesson

Remind each other of some recent celebration that included gifts.  Point out how happy the gift made you or the one who received it.  Thanks were given and excited conversation exchanged.  This is how worship of God is.  God comes with His gifts of grace and we receive them.  He blesses and we respond.  His blessings are the grace given in His Word and Sacraments.  We respond with our part of the joyous conversation; our prayers, praise, and confession of faith.


Lamb of God, help me to see Your grace in water and table.  May Your Word set my heart free, make me strong, faithful and able to join the heavenly throng in singing salvation’s song.  Hosanna, blessed is He who came to set prisoners free.  Hallelujah, someday I’ll see You O Lamb, and sing worthy is the Lamb, the Lamb who was slain to receive power, riches, and strength.  Worthy is the Lamb.  Amen.