Our Worship – Lesson 24 – Chi Rho

What is the symbol Chi Rho? Chi C and Rho R are the first two letter in the Greek word Christ Crivstos.  Christ means “anointed one.”  The Hebrew for anointed is Messiah.  This symbol reminds us that Jesus is the promised Messiah, the one God sent to save us. Why do we have this symbol … [Read more…]

Our Worship – Lesson 23 – IRNI

What is the symbol INRI? The letters are the first letters of the Latin accusation written and placed over Jesus when He was crucified.  They were written in Aramaic, Greek, and Latin.  The Latin is “Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum” which means “Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews.” Why do we have this symbol in … [Read more…]

Our Worship – Lesson 22 – Christian Burial

What is a funeral? A funeral is a burial service, often taking place in the sanctuary, then in the cemetery.  Christian funerals are the laying to rest of a loved one, awaiting the resurrection of the dead. Why do we have funerals in Church? Death is a result of sin in the world.  Jesus died … [Read more…]

Our Worship – Lesson 21 – Weddings

What is Marriage? Marriage is the uniting of one man and one woman by God, making them one flesh.  Marriage is defined by the marriage covenant of salvation between Christ and the Church (see Ephesians 5:21-33) Why do we have weddings in Church? God instituted marriage and He unites man and wife in the wedding … [Read more…]

Our Worship – Lesson 10 – Order of Baptism

Why do we have an Order of Baptism in our hymnal? One of the great gifts God has given His Church is the gift of Baptism.  Jesus instituted Baptism during His earthly ministry for our welfare.  He placed the blessings of His death and resurrection in Baptism.  The Order of Baptism in our worship reminds … [Read more…]

Our Worship – Lesson 6 – White

Why and when do we have white paraments? White is the color of purity, holiness, and virtue.  These are all attributes of God, and the gift God gives His holy people by grace through faith in Jesus.  Jesus purifies His people by taking our sins on the cross and dressing us in His righteousness.  The … [Read more…]

Our Worship – Lesson 20 – Easter Season

What is Easter? Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.  Christians celebrate Jesus’ victory over death.   Every Sunday is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, but Easter is the day of the church year when we celebrate it in all its fullness. What does it mean to our worship? … [Read more…]

Our Worship – Lesson 19 – Confirmation

What is Confirmation? Confirmation is when people confirm that they believe the faith of the Scriptures.  There is a process of instruction for others to learn the substance of the faith, after which they are given the opportunity to confirm that they believe it before the congregation.  They are thus received as communicant members of … [Read more…]

Our Worship – Lesson 18 – Black Paraments

Why do we have Black paraments? Black paraments are used on Good Friday.  On that day, the sun was darkened while Jesus died on the cross.  Jesus took the darkness of sin unto Himself that we might be redeemed.  What do they mean to our worship? Our Good Friday worship is a focus on the … [Read more…]

Our Worship – Lesson 16 – Sanctuary

Why is our Sanctuary shaped this way? Many Christian sanctuaries are shaped similar to the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem.  They include a larger area similar to the Holy Place of the Temple, and they have a smaller altar area similar to the Holy of Holies.  Some churches of this design also added side extensions … [Read more…]