Our Worship – Lesson 9 – Green Paraments

Why do we have green paraments? Green is the color of growth.  Green paraments are used in the seasons of Epiphany and Pentecost.  Epiphany is the time when Jesus is revealed through His teaching and miracles.  This causes many to come to faith, and others to have their faith strengthened.  The season of Pentecost is … [Read more…]

Our Worship – Lesson 8 – Epiphany

What is the season of Epiphany? Epiphany is the season between Christmas and Lent.  It begins with the celebration of the day of Epiphany, the arrival of the Magi in Bethlehem, where they found the answer to the question, “Where is He who is born King of the Jews?”.  The season is one where we … [Read more…]

Our Worship – Lesson 7 – Baptismal Font

Why do we have a Baptismal Font? We have a Baptismal Font because Baptism is a vital gift from God to us.  We are called to baptize in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  God grants the blessings of Jesus’ death and resurrection to those who receive … [Read more…]

Our Worship – Lesson 5 – Christmas

What is Christmas? Christmas is the Mass (liturgical worship service) of the Christ/Messiah (anointed one).  It is the celebration of the birth of the promised Savior whose name Jesus means “the Lord saves.”  God fulfilled His covenant promise to come as a man and save us from our sins.  While the focus of Christmas is … [Read more…]

Our Worship – Lesson 3 – Blue Paraments

Why do we have blue paraments during Advent? Blue paraments came into use in the 20th Century.  Prior to that time the paraments used for Advent were the purple also used in Lent.  While both are seasons of repentance, blue was chosen for Advent to represent the deep blue of the first dawn.  Advent is … [Read more…]

Our Worship – Lesson 2 – Advent

What is the season of Advent? Advent, the beginning of the church year, is a time of anticipation.  Christians anticipate the celebration of Christmas at this time of year.  Advent does remind us of the anticipation of the coming of the Messiah experienced by God’s people prior to Jesus’ coming to save us.  But the … [Read more…]

Our Worship – Lesson 1 – Introduction

What is Christian Worship? Christian worship is an interaction between God and His people.  Christians believe that God is not far off, but present with us.  Jesus said in Matthew 28:20, “I am with you all the days even to the end of the age.”  Since God is present we interact with Him in the … [Read more…]

Our Worship

We will have a new series of lessons available here on our website beginning December 2 and continuing through the church year. The series is named “Our Worship”. Through these lessons we be offering a look at worship as we practice it as well as a look at some smaller details, such as why are … [Read more…]