Our Worship – Lesson 11 – The Lectern

What is a lectern?

A lectern is a stand or podium from which a book or speech is read.  In Christian churches the lectern is used for the reading of the Bible to God’s people.  This is in keeping with the Old Testament tradition of reading the Torah from a lectern/podium in the center of the Synagogue (which means “gathering around”). 

What does the lectern mean to our worship?

The focus of the first major portion of our worship is God’s Word.  We read the Word, then respond with our confession of faith.  Christians are people of the Word, read, believed, and applied.

What does the Bible say about the use of a lectern?

Scripture has many examples of Jesus and the apostles teaching in the synagogues of their day.  They read God’s Word from something like our modern lecterns.  Mostly Scripture speaks of the Word of God and its vital effect on the lives of God’s people.  Psalm 119 is a lengthy discussion of the value of God’s Word in the life of the believer.


Devotion to God’s Word is essential to our lives as Christians.  In all you do at home, reaffirm how vital God’s Word is in defining us as God’s people, bought by the blood of Christ.  Let these hymns from the Lutheran Service Book help, 577, 578, 582, 584, 587.

Object Lesson

Point out the furniture in your home and talk about the function of that furniture.  The importance of the table is the meals enjoyed there.  The purpose of the chairs and sofas is the family being together.  Then apply that to the furniture in the sanctuary, in this case, the lectern.  The importance of the lectern is the Word of God read from it.


Lord, keep us steadfast in Your Word.  Curb those who by deceit or sword would wrest the kingdom from Your Son and bring to naught all He has done.  Amen.