Our Worship – Lesson 13 – Altar

What is an Altar?

An altar is a place set up or set aside as a dwelling for God on earth.  In Christian sanctuaries, it is the place associated with the presence of God.

What does the Altar mean to our worship?

The altar is our constant reminder that God is present among us.  We direct our prayers, praise, and confession toward the altar, acknowledging God’s presence.  Our worship is not a discussion of God who is somewhere else, but an interaction with God.  God’s presence is real, yet now visible.  The altar is the visible identification of God’s presence.

What does the Bible say about the use of an Altar?

Altars are a large part of Biblical worship.  The patriarchs build them when they experience the presence and the blessings of God (example: Genesis 28:10-22).  God commanded altars in the Tabernacle and the Temple (examples: Exodus 27:1-8; 30:1-10).


There are so many ways to thank God for His presence.  Hymns of praise are among them.  You may want to use these hymns from the Lutheran Service Book: 794, 806, 810, 813, 814, 816, 818, 821.

Object Lesson

God has promised to be with us always.  We know He is here and hears and answers our prayers.  But we can’t see Him.  The altar is in our worship is the place where we acknowledge God’s presence in our midst.  We can also have altars in our homes to remind us of His presence.


Lord, be with me now this day, hear me as I humbly pray, let me daily hear You say, “I remember you.”  Amen.