Our Worship – Lesson 20 – Easter Season

What is Easter? Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.  Christians celebrate Jesus’ victory over death.   Every Sunday is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, but Easter is the day of the church year when we celebrate it in all its fullness. What does it mean to our worship? … [Read more…]

Our Worship – Lesson 19 – Confirmation

What is Confirmation? Confirmation is when people confirm that they believe the faith of the Scriptures.  There is a process of instruction for others to learn the substance of the faith, after which they are given the opportunity to confirm that they believe it before the congregation.  They are thus received as communicant members of … [Read more…]

Our Worship – Lesson 18 – Black Paraments

Why do we have Black paraments? Black paraments are used on Good Friday.  On that day, the sun was darkened while Jesus died on the cross.  Jesus took the darkness of sin unto Himself that we might be redeemed.  What do they mean to our worship? Our Good Friday worship is a focus on the … [Read more…]

Our Worship – Lesson 16 – Sanctuary

Why is our Sanctuary shaped this way? Many Christian sanctuaries are shaped similar to the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem.  They include a larger area similar to the Holy Place of the Temple, and they have a smaller altar area similar to the Holy of Holies.  Some churches of this design also added side extensions … [Read more…]

Our Worship – Lesson 17 – Communion Ware/Rails

Why do we have communion rails and use communion ware? Communion rails provide a place for God’s people to gather to receive the Sacrament of Christ’s body and blood.  The communion ware are the vessels through which the bread and wine are distributed.  What do they mean to our worship? The Sacrament of the Altar … [Read more…]

Our Worship – Lesson 15 – Purple Pararments

What do we use purple paraments? Purple is the color of the robe Jesus wore to the cross.  It is associated with His suffering and death.  We use purple during the season of Lent because we focus on His suffering and death, and because purple is also associated with royalty.  Our Savior was crowned with … [Read more…]

Our Worship – Lesson 14 – Lent

What is the season of Lent? Lent is forty days of prayer and meditation on the suffering and death of Jesus, in anticipation of the celebration of Easter.  During this time we go to Gethsemane, to the courts of Caiaphas and Pilate, then journey to Calvary to see the great price paid for our salvation. … [Read more…]

Our Worship – Lesson 13 – Altar

What is an Altar? An altar is a place set up or set aside as a dwelling for God on earth.  In Christian sanctuaries, it is the place associated with the presence of God. What does the Altar mean to our worship? The altar is our constant reminder that God is present among us.  We … [Read more…]

Our Worship – Lesson 12 – The Pulpit

What is a pulpit? The term “pulpit” literally means “platform, staging.”  It is normally a raised platform for the preaching of God’s Word.  What does the pulpit mean to our worship? The pulpit is the place in the sanctuary from which the sermon is preached.  Where the lectern is used for the reading of God’s … [Read more…]

Our Worship – Lesson 11 – The Lectern

What is a lectern? A lectern is a stand or podium from which a book or speech is read.  In Christian churches the lectern is used for the reading of the Bible to God’s people.  This is in keeping with the Old Testament tradition of reading the Torah from a lectern/podium in the center of … [Read more…]