Our Worship – Lesson 20 – Easter Season

What is Easter?

Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.  Christians celebrate Jesus’ victory over death.   Every Sunday is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, but Easter is the day of the church year when we celebrate it in all its fullness.

What does it mean to our worship?

Our worship is celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus, which is our salvation.  Easter joy is a constant in our worship. 

What does the Bible say about the resurrection of Jesus?

The Bible teaches that Jesus’, after dying on the cross, rose on the third day.  This was foretold in the Old Testament, and fulfilled in the New Testament account of Jesus’ resurrection.  Jesus cited it as proof of who He is and why He came (John 2:18-22).  Paul affirms it as the foundation of our faith (see 1 Corinthians 15).


You may want to sing any of the following hymns from Lutheran Service Book: 457, 461, 464, 467, 468, 480, 482, 487.

Object Lesson

Talk about seeds that grow into plants.  The dead seed comes to life.  Jesus used this example about His death and resurrection (John 12:23-24).  Jesus died and rose from the dead.  All the earth proclaims His resurrection every Spring.


Sonrise, bring us at last, we pray, alive to resurrection’s day.  Raise us from the dead, that soul and body rise to the open gates of mansions up on high.  Who dies, now flies, Sonrise.  Amen.