Our Worship – Lesson 14 – Lent

What is the season of Lent?

Lent is forty days of prayer and meditation on the suffering and death of Jesus, in anticipation of the celebration of Easter.  During this time we go to Gethsemane, to the courts of Caiaphas and Pilate, then journey to Calvary to see the great price paid for our salvation.

What does Lent mean to our worship?

Lent is a time of repentance.  We see the great cost Jesus paid for us and experience great sorrow for what He had to endure, and great joy that He did this wondrous thing for us.  Lenten music is more subdued, and the “Gloria in Excelsis” and “Hallelujahs” are omitted from the liturgy in recognition of His sacrifice.

What does the Bible say about the season of Lent?

The season of Lent focuses on the Biblical account of Jesus’ journey from the upper room on Maundy Thursday to His being entombed as the sun is setting on Good Friday.  This is season has this very specific focus on the Biblical story of salvation. 


You may want to watch the movie “The Passion of the Christ.”  The following hymns from the Lutheran Service Book would also be helpful; 419, 420, 421, 424, 425, 427, 435, 436, 437, 438, 439, 440

Object Lesson

Read the story of Jesus’ suffering and death in any of the four Gospels.  Lent is our chance to focus on this story and the reason it happened; our sins.


Jesus, I’m so sorry You had to die.  I know that it was for me.  Grant me grace to always lift my eyes to the cross of Calvary.  Mine the anguish, the guilt and the pain as God’s wrath is revealed.  All is washed away in the blood and the rain with the words, “It is fulfilled.”  Amen.