Our Worship – Lesson 3 – Blue Paraments

Why do we have blue paraments during Advent?

Blue paraments came into use in the 20th Century.  Prior to that time the paraments used for Advent were the purple also used in Lent.  While both are seasons of repentance, blue was chosen for Advent to represent the deep blue of the first dawn.  Advent is a season of anticipation of the dawning of the day of resurrection, when Christ returns.  This deep blue is meant to help us anticipate that dawn.

What do they contribute to our worship?

The blue reminds us of the new church year beginning, and the new day that awaits us when Christ returns.  Many churches face east in anticipation of the dawn of the eternal day to come when Jesus returns.  Christians worship is focused on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  Christ comes into our midst with the blessings of His grace in Word and Sacrament.  Part of our response is the constant prayer of God’s people, “Lord Jesus, come quickly!”

What does the Bible say about blue paraments?

Nothing.  But it says a lot about Christ’s return.  A cross section of these teaching is found in Matthew 24 and 25; 1 Corinthians 15; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; and Revelation 21 and 22.


You may want to use blue in your Advent wreath.  Blue candles are available, as well as blue cloth to place the wreath on.  As each day begins, remember the dawn to come when Jesus returns.  You may also want to sing the following hymns from the Lutheran Service Book; 334, 338, 342, 348, 708.

Object Lesson

Get the family up early one morning to see the blue of the dawn or show them pictures of it.  Tell them that we use blue in Advent because we are waiting for the first dawn of the day when Jesus returns.


“Our glad hosannas, Prince of Peace, Thy welcome shall proclaim, and heav’n’s eternal arches ring with Thy beloved name.  Amen.” (LSB 349 v4)