3 – Mary and the Angel

Why do we have only an angel and Mary in our manger scene today? God promised that through Abraham’s family the Messiah/Savior would be born. As girls were born in Israel, the question about their future included whether this could be the mother of the promised Messiah. As time went along this promise was confirmed, … [Read more…]

2 – Behold the Lamb

Look! There’s just a lamb in our manger scene. What does a cute lamb have to do with our worship? The 2nd Sunday in Advent we celebrate the message of John the Baptist. He came to prepare the way for Jesus. He called people to repent and prepare for the coming of the Lord. He … [Read more…]

1 – The Empty Manger

So why is our sanctuary decorated with an empty manger? Isn’t this the season to be jolly? Why is our Christian congregation, of all places, not joining in the festivities?


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